2021-2022 Driveway Snow Plowing Service (Limited)


October 20, 2021


The Town Board has made several changes to the Driveway Snowing Service offered to residents:

1. The plowing service is only available to properties who received snow plowing from the Town last winter.

2. Plowing will be provided at a flat rate per driveway for the entire winter regardless of the number of times the            Town plows. Fees are as follows:

     a. Short driveways – $75 for the entire winter.

     b. Average driveways – $150 for the entire winter.

     c. Long driveways – $225 for the entire winter.

3. An invoice will be provided with the appropriate fee for you to use when paying for plowing service.

4. You have until November 15th to pay for 2021-2022 winter plowing fee. 

5. Late sign-ups will not be accepted. If you do not pay by the 15th, you forfeit your ability to be plowed this coming winter.


The Town Board has reduced our full-time road crew staff and is doing further evaluation on the issue of plowing driveways. Due to this change, we are limiting service this winter to only customers we have plowed this past winter. We understand it would be difficult for residents to find a private plowing service this late in the season if the Town did not provide plowing service.


Everyone needs to understand that the Board may discontinue providing this service in the future. If you have concerns regarding this or possible future changes, please discuss them with a Town Board Member.


Town of Russell Board of Supervisors


Rocky Tribovich – Chair

Jeff Benton, Mark Bugher, Larry Meierotto, and Don Sullivan – Supervisors