The Town of Russell Board of Supervisors is concerned with the level of cellular and internet services available to first responders, residents and visitors to the Town. The Board adopted the following resolution and named an adhoc committee to address their concerns.

Committee members are:

Mark Bugher, Mike Cariveau, and Larry Meierotto.

Vision Statement

Town of Russell Telecommunications Committee

Adopted December 5, 2016

“To create an environment and partnerships where residents and visitors of the Town of Russell have seamless, uninterrupted access to voice, data and broadband service and where it is prudent financially and strategically relevant, support polices that facilitate an infrastructure that allows for voice, data and broadband services for home, business and government.”


Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Resolution 2016-10

Increase Broadband and Cellular Communications Capabilities in the Town of Russell

WHEREAS, emergency service providers – Bayfield County Sheriff Deputies, Red Cliff Tribal Police, State Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Border Patrol, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore staff, firemen, and EMT personnel- require radio and/or cell communications capabilities to respond to emergency situations in a timely fashion;

AND WHEREAS, Town and Tribal road crews, school bus drivers, hunters, fishermen, loggers and other outdoor workers, people recreating outdoors, and travelers along State Highway 13, require radio and/or cell communications capabilities to contact emergency service providers;

AND WHEREAS, economic growth in rural communities is dependent upon telecommunications infrastructure. Broadband and cellular communications are absolutely critical to the functioning of small businesses, and for those working remotely in a home office environment;

AND WHEREAS, broadband and cellular capabilities are required to increase tourism, and the number-of nights stayed at campgrounds and hotels in the Town;

AND WHEREAS, broadband connectivity speeds are critical to offering access to higher education, for job searching, and to access community information;

AND WHEREAS, lack of adequate broadband capabilities perpetuates inequalities and lack of opportunities for Town residents;

AND WHEREAS, the Town of Russell residents and businesses are unserved or underserved by broadband and cellular services;

AND WHEREAS, much of the Town is unserved by radio and cell communications of any kind.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town of Russell Board of Supervisors, shall hereby diligently work to secure or increase cellular phone and broadband communications capabilities for unserved and underserved areas of the Town, including working to develop partnerships with telecommunications providers, and working cooperatively with appropriate local, county and state governmental units and agencies.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Board of the Town of Russell, at a Meeting held this 6th day of July, 2016, that the Town Board is officially adopting this resolution.