Does the Town have any special zoning rules??

Q&A Town of Russell Zoning

1. Why does the Town have a Historic Site Overlay?

A. The Town Board believes there are physical sites within the Town that are significant in the Towns early history. The Historic Site Overlay provides a mechanism to codify and preserve the memory of these sites. This would allow for the long term preservation of this knowledge for future generations of Town residents and others interested in the early history of the Town. While there may be other ways to preserve and document this information, the Town Board elected to utilize the Bayfield County Zoning Ordinance to accomplish this.


2. Why does the Town have an Old-Growth Overlay District?

A. The purpose of this is to discourage development and disturbance to the natural environment in areas with old-growth/virgin timber and provide areas where native flora and fauna may prosper in a natural habitat. There are very few areas in the Town that fall into this category and the Town Board felt a mechanism to achieve this was important and consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.